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Bishop Prentise Vann was born and raised in the city of Milwaukee, WI. He works diligently in the service of the Lord with his beautiful wife, Elect Lady Oprah Vann. They are the proud leaders of New Love Outreach Church. 

Bishop Vann received his Associates of Arts Degree from Milwaukee Area Technical College and is working toward his Bachelors Degree in Communication. He holds many distinguished honors form various entities, throughout his ministry, he has received and earned many certificates, and certifications from various institutions. 

In 1997 he started True Love Temple and pastored there for 9 years before moving to Illinois, where he then started a ministry called Love Outreach Church Inc after pastoring there for 10 years he was called to Pastor the Evergreen Missionary Baptist Church, where the name has been changed to New Love Outreach Church here in the great city of Milwaukee, WI. 

Bishop Vann is community aware and sensitive. In addition to his ministerial duties of New Love he has served on many community and private organizational Boards of Directors. His heart is toward the young men and women of the city, who he believes that just need positive reinforcements and a way of escape. 

Bishop's motto is "This is a church where everyone will feel the presence of the Love of God!" 

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